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In our research group, Visalizing Wikipedia is one of the hot topics. Wikipedia Thesaurus Visualizer is a visualization application for Wikipedia Thesaurus, a huge scale association thesaurus extracted from Wikipedia. It let users to know the relation network among concepts visually and easily. It calculates the position of concept according to the relativity among concepts. It is developed by Web based RIA (Rich Interface Application) technology, so almost all modern desktop environments are supported.

Supported Environment

  • OS - Windows XP/Vista, Mac OS X
  • Browser - IE 7/8, Firefox, Safari, Chrome

How to Use

There are two entrances to this system. The first one is simpler. Just access to the following URL, then it launches automatically.

The operations are also simple.

First of all, you need to click "Search" button placed in very left in the menu bar in order to find concepts in Wikipedia. After inputing a keyword and search it, several candidates will be shown then you click one of them to show visualized information about the concept.

  • Mouse Wheel - Scaling up & down
  • Mouse Drag - Moving the network
  • Node Click - Select the node

After selecting the node, you can see the article in Wikipedia by clicking the "See Article" button.

Second way to access to the visualizer is to use Wikipedia Thesaurus. First, access to Wikipedia Thesaurus and search a concept you want to know. Just click the "Visualizer (Beta)" link next to RDF to see the related terms around the concept.

Special features

To make the visualization more effective, this system provides some network analysis functions as follows;

  • Power Node Detection - It highlights nodes that have many (deep) relations (edges) to other concepts in the network. This helps you to find important concepts for the query concept.
  • Minor Node Detection - It hides nodes that have few (relations) edges. This also helps you to find important concepts.

Java Applet Version

Java applet version of Wikipedia Thesaurus Visualizer is available on each concept in the Wikipedia Thesaurus. It is the easiest way to access to our visualizer. Just click the "Visualizer (Beta)" link next to RDF to see the related terms around the concept.


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